Cut, break, transmute, purge, rebuild. We have been locked up, stressed for months, we are concerned about the economy, health and it seems that we live washing our hands. We have to cut what distresses us but not leave a gap, but fill it with something positive.
What should we purge and rebuild? .
Sources of irritation. Past quarrels. Let it go. Seriously, this is not the time to tie ourselves up to fights from the past that no longer make sense.
Other people’s problems. Unhappiness spreads, it permeates everything. If you are too involved in a drama that doesn’t concern you cut it off. Stop supporting that person who gives you nothing and vampirizes your energy.
Negative energies. We cannot allow ourselves to be controlled by negativity and by feelings of pessimism and defeatism. We must bring light into our lives to always seek to open windows, new paths.
It will be the best move of your life, a change in which you will win.
Today’s Spell:
We are going to cut strips of white paper without lines, and we are going to write what we want to cut, start from our lives, to improve. We will light a red candle and invoke the warrior angel, Saint Michael the Archangel.
In the red candle we will burn what we want to start from our life, invoking: “Saint Michael the Archangel burns and takes this away from my life. It damages my soul, it robs me of peace. “
You have to be specific, if it is a person that we want to remove from our life, we write their name and surname, we are decreeing.
Once we have burned all the plasters, we have to fill that gap, we have to transmute negative energy into positive energy and fill those gaps with light. We will light the violet or white candle, and we will invoke the Archangel Zadquiel, the angel of transmutation, forgiveness and justice.
We will visualize a violet flame that enters through the crown and expands throughout the body, filling those voids that were left. We will visualize fear becoming hope. Positive energy in negative.
We will visualize the problematic person moving away from our life and a positive person, taking their place.
Everything that is bad is transmuted and renews us.
It is always important to propose a solution, a change. To transmute is to transform, to change, and we want to direct change.
At the end of the ritual we will throw the ashes from the paper strips in the street, where the air takes them, and we will purify the environment with incense, preferably rue.


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