Because of its color and its shape, the carrot has been seen through the centuries as a funny, vegetable.
We make it into a nose for snowman and the bunnies eat it.
But in the arsenal of a magician the carrot is rarely missing, since it has a powerful energy to clear the darkness.
The carrot is very useful when we need to break obstacles, just as it emerges from the earth it helps us emerge from a conflict and above all things clears the darkness, breaks the frustration and helps break the evil eye. The whole carrot is magical but especially its roots.
Today’s Spell:
This spell is personal and should be done only for oneself. On a white plate our photo will be placed, looking up. On it we will put 7 pieces of carrot, if we include roots, even better. We will add 7 leaves of basil, 7 pieces of clean and dry egg shell, seven pieces of garlic and a little sugar cube.
We will place the plate in front of a mirror and light a red candle and pray to the Archangel Michael so that with his invincible sword, he cuts out all conflict, confusion, darkness or evil that stalks us, and thus we open our paths.
Let the candle be consumed in its entirety. After being consumed we will leave the contents of the dish at the foot of a tree.


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