No matter how generous we are, how open we are to give and share, that someone will always envy us and desire what we have. They will even want to not only have them but we will lose them. Envy is one of the seven deadly sins, along with lust, laziness, gluttony, anger, greed and pride.
But only anger, envy and avarice harm our neighbor while corroding the spirit of those who experience it. We can do little to help an envious person, it is part of his DNA. But we can protect ourselves.
Today’s Spell:
In a white plate we will place 7 pieces of celery, 7 pieces of coal, 1 complete tablet of camphor, 3 leaves of rue and a coin of any country and denomination. We will go outdoors and make a circle with salt where we can walk comfortably inside.
We will place four white candles, one in each of the cardinal points, we will light them and with the candle from the north we will light a cigar (never a cigarette). .
We will concentrate asking for the protection of the elementals of the earth, water, wind and fire. We will pray that the envy will pass us by, avoid us, do not touch us, so that we are invisible to the envious.
We will smoke the cigar 3 times and the third time we will blow the smoke on a candle, repeat this 4 times and let the ash fall on the plate. Finally, we will let the candles and tobacco be consumed and we will throw the remains of the candle and the plate in a garbage outside or away from the house.


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