If when the economy is buoyant and the money is running there are envies and back stabbers, when fear reigns and the economy contracts, knives emerge everywhere.
Many businesses are reducing their workforce, deciding who can work from home, who is essential, and who goes out the door.
If before we thought that we had no enemies, today we must assume that everyone is seeking to safeguard their interests and will drive over whoever gets in their way. We cannot allow ourselves to be taken advantage of. We have to protect ourselves from back stabbers.
Today’s Spell:
In a white handkerchief we are going to add three cloves of garlic with the shell, some mint leaves, a branch with thorns (it can be from a rose bush, or any other plant with thorns, an excellent one is nettle).
We will add a black stone, such as onyx, a paper strip with our name and surname or a photo and three drops of our perfume, cologne or shaving water.
We will put the handkerchief between two red candles and we will watch it for 3 days, lighting the candles 5 minutes a day, praying to Saint Michael the Archangel to protect us and create a wall of thorns around us, so that no one can touch or harm us.
On the third day we will tie a knot in the handkerchief, with all the elements are inside and we will keep it where no one else sees it until the next full moon passes. At that point, we will throw it in the trash outside the house with 3 coins.


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