Our source of income is sacred. One of the fastest ways to destroy a marriage is to attack the source of money, our job. More relationships are broken by economic problems than by infidelity, and that is the tension of not being able to pay the bills, the danger of losing a house, of seeing our position threatened in the community often generates arguments, recriminations and ruptures.

Today, we protect our source of income, our work, our business, driving away negative energies and enhancing our abilities and luck. Our ally is going to be mint leaves. Add value, vitality, energy, take advantage of the people, purify your environment and clear the roads.

Today’s Spell:

On a white plate we will put 3 mint leaves, 3 leaves of basil, a little parsley, rice and a splash of honey. We will light up to see it turn white and pray to the deity that opens and closes the roads that our source of income never dries up, that it always flows and increases and take away from us all negative energy that threatens our economy.

The candle will be lit for 3 consecutive days, 15 minutes a day. On the third day the content of the dish is left at the foot of a tree


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