If we are always exposed to envy and evil eye in our jobs, and unfair competition in business, at this time the danger is even greater.
With many businesses forced to decide which jobs to keep, which jobs to cut, which expenses to cut, backstabbing multiplies and energy attacks occur more and more. It is imperative that you protect your job.
I see it every day lately, people come to me stunned, how suddenly they see how someone’s job has been eliminated but others who were hired later, were saved.
In many cases, I detected traces of negative energy, of bad intentions, of witchcraft done to close doors.
You have to protect yourself, you have to shield yourself, very difficult times are coming for the whole world, and each person has the right to fight for what is theirs.
Economic crises, scarcity, not being able to pay the bills, are occuring more often. Marriages that suffer infidelity are on the rise.
Today’s Spell:
Protect your work. This spell is individual, each person must do it for himself. We will light a white or yellow candle and we will stand in front of a mirror.
In a white plate we are going to put a handful of raw rice, so that our economy is fertile and productive, parsley leaves to attract money, sugar cubes (or candies) of various colors, so that prosperity comes from many sources , and a padlock with your key, to seal everything.
We will add our photo and a little saliva and pray to Abundia the Goddess of prosperity, so that we do not lack anything, so that our economy flows and two doors open for each one that closes.
We will let the candle burn out. When the candle burns out, we will take the padlock and lock it declaring this spell closed and we will place it under the mattress, on the side where we sleep.
The rest of the content of the dish will be left at the foot of a tree in nature, a park, the beach, a river, a forest, whichever is convenient.
I also strongly advise using my amulet to protect your job. This talisman is consecrated for the astral of each person, to enhance their work, protect it, protect their economy and ward off envy, evil eye and enemies. Click on picture for more information and how to order.

Amulet to Protect Your Job/Business

Amulet to Protect Your Job/Business











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