More and more voices are rising their voice that an economic collapse is approaching. The indicators do not lie, the world economy is losing steam, it staggers.
Let’s protect your job, the backbone of families. More marriages are broken by economic problems than by infidelity.
Losing your job when a company fails, creates a chain of misery that affects several generations and breaks lives and futures. Today more than ever we must go to Abundia, the goddess of Abundance, of prosperity, the deity that moves the forces of nature and that has the well-being of the human being as a priority.
Today’s Spell:
Altar for Abundia.
We need to have an altar whose energies we can activate in a continuous and easy way, to boost our economy. On a table near the entrance we will place a green tablecloth, better a bright green, bottle color, forest, or grass color.
On the table we will put an apple, it can be natural or crystal, porcelain, wax, it can be an apple-shaped candle, but we have to have an apple. We will add fire, a white, golden, yellow, or orange candle.
We will put flowers of various colors in water and a box with a lid that contains raw rice. In the center we will place our photo, the best photo we have, without sunglasses, looking at the camera and smiling.
Finally we will put a money symbol, it can be a green jade, a citrine stone. Every week we must clean our altar with incense and pray to Abundia so that he is always with us, pouring his material blessings.
I am also bringing the Amulet for Protection for Jobs and Businesses to my store. This is the time to protect our employment, our business, move away negative envy and energies and leave nothing to chance.
From the big companies to the taco carts, from the employee to the factory owner, everyone needs to protect their job.

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