Except in times of war, never before have souls incarnated at the same time, in all parts of the world, and under this state of anguish and fear. There are no farewells, the last words that remain unsaid, there is no time for forgiveness, for reconciliation.
The spirits are snatched from the body prematurely and the souls are wandering looking for a way, while the living are left immersed in a black energy of fear and pain, a perfect storm in esoteric terms. This is a time of great danger, as these fears can become a powerful magnet for these hundreds of thousands of souls whose last emotion was fear.
You have to protect your aura to avoid encountering unwanted guests that feed on our energy. Let’s start by cleaning the house, with sage, incense, with water and vinegar, even with noise if we have nothing else.
We will clean from the back to the entrance door.
Next we have to cleanse our body of any negative energy that affects us. We will put salt in a bucket of warm water like those for washing, we will mix the water and salt with the right hand and with the left we will pour the water down the body, from the neck down.
Finally we will purify our Aura. We will light a white or red candle, and invoking the archangel Michael we will visualize a sword that cuts and takes out of our auric field all strange energy entities. Once our environment and we are protected, we must help those souls rise and find their way.
We must put a glass or glass of water in a high place, that is above our heads. That opens a portal for wandering souls to come to light.
If, despite these measures, you feel restless, there are fights or arguments in the house that are out of the ordinary, sleep poorly, the dogs bark more than usual or the roads are closed suddenly, it is time to seek professional help .
Write to me, because all these symptoms are indicators of some kind of strong energy attack.


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