Today in the Northern Hemisphere it will be the longest day of the year, the summer solstice and a day when light and day are equal. It js the moment to activate your prosperity, to move, reinforce, and accelerate.

When  people who come to me,  I can detect trends, movements in the economy in general. Again I am noticing blockages, delays, stalled projects. Let us seize this day to jump over obstacles and boost our finances.

Today’s Spell:

Let’s take three candles, white, yellow and or gold. All three colors are good. In front of each candle will place a white plate, in one put a banana, cut into 3 pieces. In another 3 slices of mandarin or orange, in the other 3 green grapes, Over  each piece of  fruit place 1 leaf of laurel, and 3 grains of any kind.

We will put everything on the floor and the candles will be lit, praying to the deity that opens and closes the roads so that the prosperity enters our house so that  any blockage or difficulty  dissolves v and our economy is accelerated.

We will leave the candles on until they are fully consumed. When finished, we will leave the contents of the plate at the foot of a tree or in the garbage outside the house along with three coins

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