This year in numerological terms,  is a year number five.  2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 5 What does it mean? You need to prepare for 2021. It means movement, action. If 2020 shook our structures, the year number five continues with a tsunami of movement, and here we have no choice but to surf those waters.

Such as? Taking risks, getting out of our comfort zone and living to the fullest.  For that we will need two things this year: clarity and open roads. This is what I recommend that everyone do to receive 2021:

In a deep white plate we are going to place in it, three egg whites, three drops of holy water and a little bit of ground egg shells.

We will light a white candle for 15 minutes in front of the plate and then we will put the plate in front of a mirror. Praying to Saint Clare to give us wisdom, clarity and understanding, we will beat the egg whites eight times with the right hand and  eight times with the left.

The plate must be placed in front of the mirror on the night of the 31st until the morning of January 1, 2021. In the morning the contents of the plate are thrown into the garbage outside the house.

Another ritual that I love for this year is one that will keep us afloat. We still have difficult days left, the year is not going to be easy but it brings opportunities that we have to take advantage of.

In another deep plate we will put water and seven  corks or something that floats and we will light a blue candle. We will pray to the goddess of the seas, to the queen of hidden treasures, that she keep us afloat and that all the fortune and opportunities that others miss will come to us.

This offering must be placed from December 31 to January 7, and each day we will add what we find in the street:  a stone, a leaf, a coin. One a day, they will be put on the plate, praying to the deity to help us build our fortune. On the last day, the corks are put away for reuse next year, and the water is used to water a plant.

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