People who are looking for the perfect partner come to me every day. Or perhaps their parents reach out, or a worried sister.
They are desperate, they feel that they are getting older, their parents worry that they are still single, they know that society expects them to get married, to form a family.
But they can’t make it click, they can’t seal the deal. Potential partners reject them. Families are opposed. All of the sudden an ex shows up unexpectedly and meddles.
And the so familiar phrases begin to resonate “you are not getting any younger”. “Your mother is disappointed.” “You don’t know how to sell yourself.”
The criticism of the family hurts but it hurts even more the fear of not knowing or understanding the reason for this rejection
Because something always happens, because every possible romance dissolves like a sugar cube in coffee. Let me tell you right here and now, It is not karma, it is energy imbalance.
The vibrations of the person are not in harmony and unless this is corrected they will not meet their soul mate, their ideal partner.
Combining energy with technology, and using quantum radionics, I balance and harmonize the energies of a person and / or couple, breaking the blockages, removing the obstacles and allowing the relationship to flow.

perfect partnerThis machine and I together are the best matchmakers on the planet.
Do not suffer or be ashamed for not having found your soul mate.
Don’t allow them to make you feel bad, unwanted, worthless.
Love is within your reach.
Give me a call. Write me. I can help you

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Blessings to all, Zitmy.

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