The so-called Golden Bird, the peacock, is one of the most powerful symbols that we can have in our homes. In all of the universal mythology we find the peacock as a symbol of nobility, protection, power, pride, good luck and spiritual evolution.
When a peacock appears in our lives, it is a sign of dynamism, vitality and that our self-esteem and personal appeal is increasing.
A peacock, like a Totem can help people overcome road blocks and depressions. Their plumage symbolizes the third eye, resurrection and rebirth and protection.
It is a symbol frequently used by politicians, actresses and actors, singers and public figures since it protects from unfair competition and envy
The peacock is related to fire, fame and reputation. How to channel the energy of this mighty Totem?
We can place either a natural peacock feather or a statue or drawing in the hall, at the entrance of the house, to protect us from any negative energy entering. If you place one statue, don’t put any feathers. If you use feathers, you need three statues.
They can also be placed in the southern area of ​​your home, the area of ​​fame and reputation.
The peacock is also intimately related to the goddess of love and is one of the symbols recommended to be placed in the bedrooms of the couples, on the head of the bed.


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