Let’s celebrate in peace and harmony.
This is always my motto for any celebration, be it with friends, family or co-workers.
Tomorrow, for all who celebrate Thanksgiving, the important thing is to have a happy and peaceful day.
We must forget the quarrels, the problems, the pain, the anger. .
You have to open the doors, open your arms and for a few hours concentrate on living the day peacefully.
In an ideal world everyone who sits at our table would bring love, but in a real world that is not always the case.
Let us declare a truce for a few hours and give thanks tomorrow for everything we have, we are and we have the potential to become.
Today’s Spell:
We must create peace.
In a deep white dish we are going to add chamomile tea, a few drops of lavender oil, a few drops of violet oil and mint leaves.
If we do not have oils we can use perfumes, but they must be lavender and violet.
We will take some cotton and wet it in the water.
We will light a white or purple candle, and we will pray to Archangel Chamuel to bring peace and reconciliation to our home.
With the candle lit, we will take the cotton, we will squeeze it a little so that it does not squeeze the water and with the cotton we will clean all the door handles, which everyone touches upon entering.
Then we will take a cloth or a paper towel, and with that water we will clean the mirrors .. we want that when a person in our house is looking into the mirror, see a reflection of peace, without anger.
When finished we will throw the rest of the water in a pot or at the foot of a tree, and the cotton is thrown in the garbage outside the house.
This spell is not just for Thanksgiving, it can be done at any time of the year when we want to calm down.


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