Legend has it that the Palo Santo was formed from the love that a warrior felt for a maiden, and that, wounded by unrequited love, he left behind her body turned into this sacred tree as a final proof of his devotion, vowing to protect all lovers.
The palo Santo is the ally of lovers and marriage. Its aroma is an aphrodisiac, and helps to break jealousy and increase the union in the couple.
Today’s Spell:
We will take a palo santo, we will light it and with it we will clean the bed where the couple sleeps, from north to south, from east to west, and in a circle, three times each, praying that all negative energy, jealousy or envy that threatens this bond dissolves and never returns.
At the end we will let the Palo Santo burn out by itself, and we will sleep with it under our pillow for three days in a row. On the fourth day the bed is cleaned again and the remaining stick is buried, so that it returns to the ground.

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