In the United States everything, absolutely everything is accelerating. The vaccines, the economy, the relationships, the decisions. After a year with the brakes on we are at the start waiting for the starting flag. Nobody wants to be left behind. Today your are going to dust yourselves off and open your roads.
Today’s Spell:
We are going to take a white or yellow cloth and inside we will put our photo. This is a personal spell, just our photo, facing the camera. We want to look to the future.
We will take a strip of paper and we will write our name, surname and date of birth and we will sign and seal it with a kiss. It is an agreement, a deal, between the universe and us and we are going to leave our essence our DNA.
We will place the paper on the photo and cover the photo with 3 handfuls of earth that we have stepped on walking forward. On the dirt, we will add three drops of oil, a handful of rice, a handful of parsley and a new padlock, with its key, open.
We will light a white candle and take a ribbon, it can be white or yellow. In a loud voice we will say exactly how we want the roads to open, why and where we want to go. When we say it, we will make a knot by tying the fabric, creating a bag or satchel. It will be done by praying to the deity who opens and closes the paths that open us to a future
For each goal a knot will be made, maximum three knots or intentions per ritual. At the end we will express our gratitude and throw the bag in the trash outside the house.

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