These dates are magical not for just 2,000 years, but since the beginning of humanity. Before the Christian era at this time the promise of the return of the sun, of the light over the darkness was celebrated
In ancient Babylon the trees were adorned with red cherries and bright balls and the use of mistletoe, today intrinsically linked to these holidays, dates back to the Celtic druids, who revered it as a cure for all evils.
Throughout history, all civilizations and creeds have recognized the extraordinary energies of this era, and how to channel them.
We want to turn our homes into a portal of positive energy to attract peace, love and prosperity to our lives, and reject and drive away envy and negativity.
Christmas brings out all human emotions, it is as if they put us under a magnifying glass and everything is magnified: good and bad.
Good and generous people want to give everything, they want everyone to be happy, nothing is missing.
For the envious nothing is enough and only happy if the other is missing something.
We must know how to increase good energies and shield ourselves against hate throughout the year but especially this season, when everything in our lives is visible to everyone, especially with the use of social networks.
Everyone sees our house, the tree, the gifts, the parties, the food. Good souls will be glad, bad ones will not only want to have what you have but will wish that you don’t have it.
There are simple things we can do when decorating our house for the holidays, to attract positive energy and foster peace, love and well-being and ward off or block the negative.
Let’s start with the front door.
The entrance is the “mouth of Chi”, where it enters – or where the energies that favor us stop and neutralize.
The first step is to create a barrier, a line of defense and we will achieve it with a red adhesive tape, which we will place from one side to another of each door through which people outside the house will enter. When placing it we must pray to St Michael the Archangel, to be our protective shield.
Together with the red ribbon we must plant a cactus or place it in a pot, near the entrance, always outside.
The cactus is the plant of Saturn, its thorns and energies scare away thieves and absorb any negativity that comes to the door.
We will also place a snake plant at the entrance, outside, to cover mouths and stop curses.
Then, we must clean the entrance, the door, the handle, the hinges. Everything must be well painted and clean of dust, not only at Christmas but all year.
Illumination is also vital, dense energy is hidden in dark and poorly lit places. Let’s make sure the entrance bulbs are always on at night,
Once the entrance is protected, a Christmas pine wreath must be placed, adorned with red and gold details, such as balls or bows, to call love and prosperity to our door. The crown must include a pineapple ornament, which symbolizes wealth and abundance.
A mistletoe detail in the crown invites good luck to enter through that door. And we are ready for the interior of the house.
Tomorrow: The tree!


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