I see the effects of obsession every day, in every possible way. People come to me and the phrases are repeated like the litany of a rosary: “I don’t know why he’s with her.” “I just don’t understand what ties me to him.” “Why can’t I get her out of my head.” “What is it that she does to make him obsessed with her?”
I see it all, the scorned husband, the despairing wife, the cheated boyfriend, the star crossed lovers, the anguished mother, the father, the scared children. What unites them is the one common question: what is the root of this obsession? Is it true love or is someone pulling the strings behind the curtains? Did they do witchcraft?
Getting to the answer is like the layers of the onion, we have to start removing them one by one until we find the truth. We know that there are immutable facts. Nobody gets up one morning and decides to leave their wife and kids, and walk out the door, without warning, arguments, or hints trouble. Yet I see it happening every day.
And it just should not happen . Marriages are not destroyed overnight. Yet it happens. Who would endanger their family, health or finances for a dangerous and destructive adventure? More people that one will think its possible.
Irrational facts usually have a rational answer: There is a hand that rocks the cradle. The first step is to trust our instincts, which are nothing more than our guides waiving the flag of danger. The second step is to do a reading.
A consultation with a medium and tarot reader is to open a door to yesterday, today and tomorrow, and through tarot and spirituality, which go hand in hand, we see the how, who, why and the options to counterattack, to fight fire with fire.
For each situation there may be two or more paths to take and the reading is our astral GPS, which takes us by the best road, without traffic jams or tolls.
A reading in times of doubt or trouble is the best investment.

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A reading is the fastest way to find answers.

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