There are times we have to say: No more!
It can be a family member who sows discord every time you step into your house, a troubled friend, a former ex. We all know who only brings problems to our lives and by sorrow or compassion we allow our existence to be bitter.
No more.
Let’s start the holiday season by removing that stone from the shoe.
Today’s Spell:
First we need a picture of this person.
Then we will take a string or rope, light a red candle and looking at the photo we will concentrate on all the reasons why we do not want this person to be close.
For each reason we will make 1 knot. Knot after knot we will create an energy rosary of negative qualities.
When the reasons are exhausted we will take a piece of paper towel, a klenex or a make-up remover wipe and clean our hands, face and behind the ears with it, visualizing how we clean this person from our life.
Then we will take scissors and cut the tape into 7 pieces, praying to St Michael the Arcangel to keep this person out of our lives.
On the rope we will add a mixture of water and oil, salt and 7 pieces of raw meat.
We will watch the spell until the candle is consumed. When consumed we will wrap everything inside the paper towel and throw it in the trash outside the house with 3 coins.


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