We have to shake the cobwebs of the holidays, the new year begins and we must let go of the brake. We want money to flow, our work or business to grow, customers to reach us, increases. This is the time to raise our petitions to the goddess of the seas, the deity who holds the key to all the treasures of the sea.

Spell of the Seven Seas

This spell can be done on a Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday. We will take 7 pieces of fruit or vegetables, local, in season. We will water them with brandy, honey, a few drops of olive oil and coconut water, and 7 heaps of land taken from in front of a prosperous business. Let’s take the time to do it well and look for that prosperous location. I recommend banks, gas stations, convenience stores where lottery tickets are sold, popular and established restaurants. We will light a white or blue candle for 15 minutes and we will beg the queen of the seas so that prosperity comes into our lives to bring money, power and development. It comes from the north, from the south, from the east, from the west. May the winds of luck and abundance touch our lives. May the 7 seas reveal their treasures. After 7 days we will leave the offering at a two-way crossing on the sidewalk.

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