The New Moon that will occur this Friday arrives in the middle of what can be determined as an astral chaos that causes confusion, conflict and general bad mood. But four zodiac signs in particular, due to their astral aspects, are going to feel their effects with greater intensity. They are: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.
For Aries, a moment of escalating tension is emerging, especially between couples and partners and Aries is going to be tempted to put on boxing gloves. That would be a serious mistake, when what you need is to use diplomacy, at least until November 3.
Cancer is going to feel overwhelmed by emotions, this lunar aspect is going to bring out all the feelings of helplessness that you have kept bottled up.
How to survive? Seek support from family and friends and stay away from social media.
For Libra this cycle brings the opposite effect, euphoria. Libras are going to be pushed to want to cover everything, and therein lies the danger. You have to think a lot about each decision because the energies are very confused.
Capricorn will also face a similar situation, they will have to make too many decisions in a short time, and with the affected communications they will feel that they do not have all the answers at hand.
We are going through a very difficult period, and although we are not all in the same boat, we are in the same sea, a sea where the stars can be our allies and with their wind inflate our sails, or they can be our adversaries and unleash a storm.
We have been warned, and knowledge is power!
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