An unusual phenomenon will occur on Friday, the Blue Moon. The blue moon occurs when 2 full moons occur in the same month.
This moon is known historically as the Moon of Betrayal and is associated with deception, unsuspected betrayals. This event occurs on Friday, the day of love, on the day of the witches and the most treacherous year in recent history.
You have to be careful, Friday will be a day to have your eyes and ears open, speak little, listen a lot and even distrust your own shadow.
Spell for the Blue Moon
Let’s cut the betrayal. This is a personal and non-transferable spell.
On a mirror we will place our photo, and praying to Santa Clara we will add seven pieces of eggshell, (clean and dry_) or husk, seven pieces of basil leaf, and seven sunflower seeds. As we do so we will pray that our vision is clear and accurate, that no one or nothing surprises us and that our spirit guides always watch our backs.
We will leave this offering until Saturday morning, when we can throw everything away outside the house. The mirror can be washed and stored and used normally.


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