In 2021 we will see Mercury retrograde three times, the first starting on January 30th through February 20th.
This transit will occur under the sign of Aquarius and is marked by collective and personal losses due to states of confusion. During this period I recommend not making any risky economic movement, review everything not twice but three or four times, and always seek the best advice.
Mercury at this stage will make us doubt, we will feel that the ground is moving under our feet. We must anchor ourselves and if we can postpone signing contracts or make big decisions that will not have an easy remedy, it is better to wait until February 21.
Also, a good vehicle to resolve pressing doubts is an astral consultation. If at some point during this transit we experience an urgent situation and our vision is cloudy, the tarot will always cut through that fog and reach the root of the problem and tell us the truth. Click button below for more information.

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Today’s Spell:
Mercury retrograde or not, we have to keep working and more than ever we need to open the paths clearly and firmly.
We are going to take a jar or glass and fill it halfway with water. Inside we are going to place a piece of brown cloth, three pieces of eggshell or a little shell and three drops of lavender water or our perfume or shaving cologne.
The jar (or glass) will be placed near the entrance door, or in a visible place, it should not be hidden.
Every Wednesday between January 30 and February 20 we will light a white or brown candle and repeat the mantra or sacred phrase “Om Budhaya Namaha” 21 times, to counteract the harmful effects of mercury and allow the energies of clarity and communication flow.
On February 21 we will gratefully empty the contents of the jug into the trash outside the house. 


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