We are finally leaving Mercury Retrograde, and it has been a complicated one.
In each new retrograde period, it feels worse than the previous one. In 2020 what is being thrown at us promises to be one where we will have to pay special attention to the stars.
Why ? A planetary conjunction is arriving, starting January 15 that will bring widespread chaos.
I’ll be giving you rituals later to dampen this a bit.
But today we have to open the communication channels and probably repair the damage or misunderstandings of this last period.
Today’s Spell:
Let’s open the communication channels and break obstacles.
This spell is personal, each person has to do it for himself.
We will take a white or brown tape and measure our throat and cut exactly that tape size, the circumference of the throat.
We will place the tape on a white plate, light a white candle and praying to the angel St Gabriel to cut everything that blocks our words and prevents us from reaching our goals. We will cover the tape with honey, for the sweetness, essence or lavender oil for the clarity, rice so that everything grows and orange oil or essence to give wings to our voice (you can also use orange juice squeezed by yourself).
We will let the candle be consumed in its entirety and at the end we will place the ribbon at the foot of a tree that has fruits or flowers, no matter if it is not currently blooming.
You can also put it in a pot with a flowering plant in your own home. 


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