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I know, we are all tired of hearing about Mercury retrograde, and if I were to not talk about it, it would then not happen, I definetly would never mention it. But … I’m sorry, whether we like it or not, Mercury enters retrograde three times a year, and it affects us all. Knowing what is happening helps us understand the processes and react correctly. Between March 5 and 28, misunderstandings, misplaced, erased or misinterpreted messages and financial blockades will be the order of the day.

Communications will be affected at all levels, from road jams to emails, telephone messages, instagram, all communication methods. In these 23 days, it is best to dial the number and speak in person. You have to be clear and direct and know when to step back. If our boss or our partners bother about something and we know that he is not right. better wait for the environment to cool down and revisit the subject, but focused differently.

The need to be clear, direct and concise is compelling. This is not the time to let the other guess our intentions because I can assure you that they will guess wrongly. The decisions we make in this period can be decisive and affect the rest of our lives, If you can, you must avoid signing contracts, dissolving partnerships, love breakups, etc…

This is how retrograde Mercury will affect each sign:

Aries: In this period you have to pay special attention to any document or decision that has to do with the labor field. Read, reread, evaluate.

Gemini: It will be a confusing period in general, with emotions centered on family or business disputes. Listen to the hints you receive.

Leo: You should review very well any matter that has to do with money, and avoid making decisions about employment contracts. Apply the brake in these matters.

Taurus: The problems will come with the family, speak very clearly with your children, with your partner.

Cancer: There are arguments and fights on the horizon. Your family is your ally, not your enemy.

Libra: Search for inner peace, silence will be your best counselor.

Virgo: This is the time to pause and review and reorganize your life. Clean, strip, break.

Scorpio: Pay attention to your environment, your feelings will be very alert, take the opportunity to reflect on true friendships.

Sagittarius: Bite your tongue. There will be things that if you say them during these 23 days it is possible that you regret it.

Aquarius: Financial opportunities will be presented. Think, then act.

Capricorn: Interesting offers will arise, take the time to analyze and prepare the foundations for new projects.

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