Again. It seems that we just recovered from one retrograde and we enter another. Mercury will be retrograde in Libra until October 18, .
What does this mean? Being retrograde in an air sign, the key here will be how fast misunderstandings are going to spread. The air gives wings to the fire and the fire will be the gossip, the innuendos, the wrong text.
Until the 18th of October we literally have to walk on eggshells and think twice before speaking, writing, texting and making decisions.
The good and the ugly of text messages is that everything is in writing, so better re read that text very well before sending it. An idea to control the message? Say out loud what you intend to say or write to someone, stand in front of a mirror and say it to yourself. If you don’t like it, if it makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t say it, don’t write it down, reframe the situation.
As always with Mercury retrograde ,it is advised to postpone signing contracts, documents, and making irreversible decisions. If we have no other choice, every contract must be reviewed by a lawyer, and read twice, since even professionals make mistakes and Mercury does not forgive anyone.
The Mantra “Om Budaya Namaha” is excellent for harmonizing the energies of Mercury, and provides us with that moment of inner peace that helps so much to straighten ideas.
Let’s find a quiet place and repeat it for 10 minutes, following a rhythmic breathing, inhaling through the nose, exhaling through the mouth.

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