From July 7 to August 1 Mercury will be retrograde. What does this mean? That when there is a change in the rotation of the planet it seems that it moved backwards in the zodiac. This makes human events governed by this important planet, communication, business, technology, get stuck, delayed or with complications.

Mercury is now retrograde. Matters of love, communication, transportation and finances will experience setbacks, delays, lack of communication and delay in general. What to do? Since we can not stay in bed until August 1st, although we would like to, knowledge gives us power. In love we know that misunderstandings and discussions can occur, so we have to double patience and prudence.

Before jumping and arguing, you have to think not two, but four times what we are going to say and above all listen, understand. If you have a doubt question and especially you, explain yourself well. Be careful with social networks during this time. Old photos will appear old messages, Retrograde Mercury tries to take people and situations to the past. Resist Do not let an ex from the past break your present.

During this period the communication will be crucial since the messages will tend to be deleted, the mails will not arrive. When what we have to say is important, you have to pick up the phone and call. For those who share messages and intimate photos, if during a normal period of the year it is a risky and not recommended practice, Mercury retrograde is even more imprudent since that photo, that video has all the possibilities of ending up in the wrong hands. The best advice, and it’s good for the whole year, do not take that picture, do not shoot that video. If you do not protect yourself, nobody will do it for you.

In matters of economy, prudence also has to prevail. Check all the accounts, the effects are already being felt in the form of errors, and who has to detect them is you because they will rarely go in your favor. Read everything 3 times before signing anything, and if you can avoid closing contracts until after August 1, do it. If you can not delay that purchase or contract, if you have to close a business protect yourself with legal help and of course supervise that they are doing their job well, the lawyers are human and retrograde mercury affects the capacity of reasoning of the whole world.

Finally, transportation. Just when everyone goes on vacation, the word that will prevail will be DELAY. But do not assume that the flight will always be delayed, you can be late too, so leave the house with much anticipation, reconfirm the schedules and try to have an alternate plan.

Today’s Spell:

Although we can not create a bubble that will protect us against the retrograde effect of Mercury, there is a mantra, or sacred phrase, whose resonance helps to harmonize the vibrational levels associated with Mercury, and its repetition can help neutralize its negative effects. From July 7 to August 1, at sunrise or sunset we must light a red or gold candle, and after anointing our forehead with a drop of olive oil, repeat this sentence for 5 minutes: “Om Namo Narayana.” If we do a ritual between July 7 and August 1 we must include this mantra in each ritual.


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