What a great combination. May is the month of mothers, brides, first communions, early flowers. The month of love and abundance. May also has energetically significant dates that move planetary energy. It is no coincidence that days such as labor day, the day against bullying, the day of press freedom, the world day of the Red Cross, and even the World Day of Light will find their space in May.
May is also Taurus and brings prosperity, expansion, openness. It is a month to open, to plow, to sow.
This is going to be a slightly atypical May, halfway between the closure of 2020 and the complete freedom that we hope will arrive with 2022, we still have restrictions, some countries are more behind than others, but we have to know how to take advantage of the moment, today .
This is what there is, we are going to empower it, we are going to squeeze every drop of that energy of love and abundance.
Taurus resonates with the earth element, with putting our feet on the ground and running, without looking back, we will run towards love, towards friendships, towards opportunities.
Today’s Spell:
On a white plate we are going to put a paper with our name and surname (or a photo) and on it a layer of rice and a layer of honey, the two strongest talismans for money, sweetness and happiness. We want everything to grow and flourish and bring us love and well-being. Next, we will add 5 mint leaves, to activate the energy, to give us vitality, push.
We will light a golden candle, and we will leave the plate near the front door, or those who can’t, in front of a mirror, for 3 days, and the candle will stay light 10-15 minutes every day. . On the third day we will throw the contents of the plate on the ground, where it has the opportunity to feed the mother earth and grow.

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