On September 9, Mars retrogrades. This happens once every 26 months and naturally had to happen in 2020. What does this mean for us, how does it affect us in our daily lives? It means that the warrior, the one who pushes forward, gives up, from September 9 to November 13.
Mars retrograde leads us to fall into frustration, to feel that we cannot act. When Mars enters retrograde in Aries, it robs us of the drive, the initiative and everything becomes difficult for us. We will also feel more sensitive to criticism.
But knowing is power. This time also offers us an opportunity for reflection, to plan strategies and seek solutions. Impotence is in our head and with our mind we can overcome it, with energy as an ally.
Today’s Spell:
Every Tuesday from September 9 to November 13, we must harmonize our energy with that of Mars and Venus will be our ally.
We will take a red stone, it can be coral or red jasper in the right hand and a green tourmaline in the left, we will light a red candle and a green candle, the color opposite to red, and we will repeat this mantra:
“Om Kram kreem kraum Sah bhaumay namah” Four times.
Then we will leave the Tourmaline and take a citrine, the stone of opportunity and advancement and the color of Venus, complement of Mars. We will extinguish the green candle and light a yellow candle and repeat this mantra:
“Om Chukraya Namaha” Five times.
This will restore courage, dynamism, willpower and balance.


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