The period that is beginning is the perfect representation of the saying “misfortunes never come alone.” Mars and Mercury are going to be retrograde at the same time, literally what we lacked, in case there was not enough tension, confusion and aggressiveness.
Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow until November 3, Mars is already retrograde and will be until November 13.
What does this mean? If we have to summarize the influences of this duo, the basic advice is: Do not make decisions lightly, do not get carried away by rage and anger and think long before speaking and reacting.
Social networks, texts and telephones, instant communication without filters in these periods of confusion and anger are our worst enemies.
During this period you have to think very well about each text, each call, each message that we upload to the networks. Your friends see it, your enemies see it and once uploaded, even if you remove it or hide it, someone can hold it in your face for the rest of your life.
And not only is it what you say but how it is interpreted, the confusion and anger acts on everyone. Measure your words and in this period choose to share photos and writings that promote calm, harmony, use slow words, calm landscapes and calm emotions.
Today’s Spell:
Clarity and calm.
This is a personal spell, which acts on the third chakra, the third eye that helps us connect with our inner being, and the crown chakra, to bring calm, clarity and balance in this period. We will light a white candle and rub our hands with lavender oil.
In a white deep dish we will place 3 egg whites (only the white) and we will beat them until they are thick. When beating we will repeat the mantra SAA TAA NAA MAA RAA MAA DAA SAA SAA SE SO HANG and we will visualize a pink light entering through the crown and descending to lodge between the two eyes.
We are going to visualize ourselves clear of mind and spirit, calm and at peace. We will let the candle run out and offer the egg white to the ground. 


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