The energies of the largest and brightest moon since 1948 bathe the planet. This will be a huge lunar atraction.
Today, on the day of the Supermoon, this will bring us energies of incredible and powerful strength.
The primary emotions will come out of the shadows and it is an ideal day for feelings of love and goodness, to attract and tie what we long for, what our heart yearns for.
Today’s Spell:
When the moon is on the horizon, we will take a white plate with water, we will put it on the ground in the moonlight and surround it with petals of red flowers.
We will take a white paper without lines and write what we most want to come true. It can be a relationship, a salary increase, a promotion, a business.
Let’s be concrete and specific. We will roll that paper as if it were a parchment, we will tie it with a red ribbon. We will wet our index finger of the right hand in oil or lavender water and anoint the paper roll with the oil. We must pass our finger up and down the paper three times.
Then we will light a red candle and a yellow candle, and we will visualize what we want so close to us, just as we can touch that bright moon with our hand, that our heart longs for and touches us.
We will place the paper on the plate with water and leave it there all night. The candles will remain on for 15 minutes.
In the morning we leave the contents of the plate at the foot of a tree.


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