When Friday arrives the energies of Venus increase, and if there is a day to do a ritual of love, it is today. Let’s focus on love between partners, love with a face, with a name and surname, a ritual to strengthen and protect a romance.

Today’s Spell:

The base is the orange, the fruit of the lovers. On a white plate we will put an orange cut in two. We will light a candle, red (or white) and with it lit, we will begin to cover both parts of the orange first with honey and then with sugars of various colors.

We will pray to the goddess of love that our relationship be sweet and that joy will come to us from all sides, that everything that touches us will be happiness.

Then we will add petals of white flowers, so that our union will last and 3 twigs of parsley so that fortune will smile on us as a couple. We will light the candle for 15 minutes a day., for 3 consecutive days. And on the third day the content of the dish is left near a church of any denomination.


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