And in the sea and the sand and the surf…It is Friday, the day of love, ruled by Venus . Today is the day of the week when the universe vibrates with the energy of love, sex, sensuality. So let’s get ready. Let’s have fun. Love is in the air.
Today’s spell:
Every time you want to give your sensuality and power of attraction a boost, we can make ourselves a quick aphrodisiac potion that will get our pheromones in overdrive and increase our sexual appetite.
The base of the potion can be baby oil, coconut oil, light olive oil. We will put it in a bowl. Then we will add a pinch of saffron, a bit of ginger, best if its whole, not powder, cinnamon, and a bit of very dark chocolate. We will light up a red candle and we will mix it all together stating our intention: Venus bring us sexuality, sensuality, love and enjoyment.
After we finish our potion it we can pour it in a bottle and smell its intoxicating aroma, dab it behind our ears and behind our heels, every time we want to feel sexy and alluring, Man or woman, this potion is your ticket to pleasure.

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