Love in times of crisis.
With the world on alert and millions of people in quarantine or isolation, today is the day of Mars, god of war. At this moment, the energies are fear, tension, attack and defense, energies that we are going to use to regain what is ours and defeat our rival.
We will take two strips of paper and in one we will write the name of our partner or loved one and in the other that of the person we want to beat and drive away. If we are not sure of the name but we only have a photo, the photo is used, and if we do not know anything, we write xxx.
We will take a pin or a thin nail and nail both names to a piece of raw meat. On the meat and the papers or photos we will add pepper of any kind, oil and vinegar.
Our guide and warrior in this spell is Saint Michael the Archangel. We will light a red (or white) candle for him and pray that this relationship will rot and die.
The candle will be lit and allowed to burn always under supervision and in sight. It can be put out if you leave the house, and lit back when you return.
When the candle burns out, throw the meat in the trash outside the house.


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