The motto is “stay home” and we must all follow it to help contain this life-threatening epidemic and the global economy. On the one hand, many see it as positive to have the couple in the house, in sight and controlled, but on the other, the continuous friction is causing tensions and bringing problems to the surface. If we add fear to the world economy and family finances, we are sitting on a powder keg. In China, after a long quarantine, divorces and incidents of domestic violence have exploded. At this time you have to sweeten and lower the tension and deal with love in times of chaos.

Today’s Spell:

With isolated people and stores out of supplies, this spell will be spiritual in nature, supported by the angel Geliel, who calms things down and brings peace and reconciliation. We will take the photos of the couple and on the photo we will draw a heart, the symbol of universal love. We will look for a mirror and in front of it we will light a red, pink, white or yellow candle and invoking the Angel Geliel we will decree peace, harmony and reconciliation. We will repeat our intention three times. Then we will sweep the entire house, from behind to the front door and everything swept will be thrown out of the house. Once this is done we will open all the cabinets, all the drawers, everything that normally remains closed and we will walk all over the house making noise … we will clap our hands, we will hit casserole lids, we will use a rattle, but we must make noise. We will pay special attention to the cabinets and the corners and where we have things piled up since the negative energy hides in these places.


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