Tuesdays have become a cycle of more than 24 hours in this string of endless weeks that seem to be made up of only Mondays. But the energies that govern the days continue to exist and Tuesday is the day of conquest, of sexual passion and today more than ever all the help in the world is needed in the romantic sphere, when either we do not see each other or we see each other too much, Truly, love in time of chaos. Cupid will arrive and he will not know where to point his arrows.

Today’s Spell:
Conquer, fall in love, triumph. In a deep plate we are going to put our photo and that of the person we want to conquer-reconquer.
On it we will put a bay leaf to succeed, eggshells, to strengthen the relationship, saffron to attract passion and sexual desire, and gold colored dust to dominate.
We will light a red candle and put red flower petals on the plate, which we will place in front of a mirror.

We will light the candle for 3 days, for 10 minutes each day. On the third day we will take the saffron, the bay leaf and the husk, we will put everything in a bucket of warm water, we will add a splash of honey and we will wash 3 times with the water. Women face, hands and behind ears, men face, hands and heels.
The rest of the water and the contents of the plate will be thrown in the trash outside the house with 3 coins.


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