In the United States we will soon celebrate Thanksgiving, followed by Black Friday. Although it is an eminently American party, that day a vibrational portal opens, the energy of more than 300 million people thanking almost at the same time is so powerful that the whole world benefits by connecting to that chain of love.
So next Thursday, no matter where you are, light a white candle and thank the universe for everything it has given you.
Thank you for one day and do it from the heart, without asking, without comparing, just thank.
And start preparing for the Christmas season, one of the most joyful and stressful of the year when couples have to have a very good tune to survive the emotional and economic demands that this time brings.
We want to enjoy Christmas in peace and harmony, go shopping on Black Friday without arguing with our partner and enjoy the holidays without arguing with us for each purchase, each invitation, each gift.
Today’s Spell:
We are going to sweeten and “get drunk” on our partner, so that he enters this season with joy and generosity. We need an empty, clean bottle with a lid or cork. Inside we will place a photo together with our couple smiling, happy,
We will add honey, to sweeten. Bay leaves, so that our wishes triumph, some hebritas of saffron, so that the money runs and a trickle of champagne, which symbolizes the holidays.
We will close the bottle, light a yellow candle and pray to the goddess of love to touch us with her generous hand and make love, joy, generosity and abundance reign in these holidays.
May our couple open to the season with fullness and spirit of sharing.
We will keep the bottle in our house until January 8, when we will throw it in the trash outside the house along with 3 coins.


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