We are about to leave behind the crazy, careless summer to welcome the most cozy and family oriented season of the year. The holidays are around the corner and we all want to spend them as a family and with our loved one by our side.
But are we with the right person? Is this the one we love? Will this last until we get to open presents and ring the new year ? This is an urgent question for those who are starting a relationship. So for young love, summer flirtations, Instagram crushes, this little quiz will tell us if we’re on the right track.
For love I like to use the egg, the egg captures the essence, it is the germ of life and all life germinates out of love. Fill a transparent glass cup with water and add the egg white and yolk inside. We light a white or red candle and ask the question.
If the egg white rises, if it looks like an ascending cobweb or shoots up , it is yes. If it remains flat, attached to the yolk, it is no. If we get a strong no, if the egg white simply refuses to rise, better move that person to the “friend zone”.
The egg is never wrong.
If the white rises with enthusiasm, if we see what looks like a tornado, from the bottom of the glass upwards, congratulations, it is an ideal match. If you have questions, call me, write me. I’ll help you.

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