Today we want love to flow without barriers or external interference. We want to achieve limitless love.
It is time to sweep, to remove from our lives anything that can be hindering our relationship. Whether it be discussions, rivals, jealousies or doubts .
Spell for Today:
Take 5 tablespoons of flour and place it on a white plate.
With our middle finger of the right hand we will make the sign of the cross in the flour.
Light a red candle for 15 minutes and pray to Archangel Michael to remove obstacles that affect our relationship.
After 15 minutes take the flour and place it around our bed where we sleep with our partner (If you are not together at the present time, put it around your own bed).
Let the flour sit for 15 minutes with the red candle lit.
After 15 minutes take a broom and sweep the flour, putting it all into a dustpan. Make sure there is nothing left on the floor.
Then throw the flour in the garbage outside the house. .


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