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The world is turning upside down and we psychics see problems before economists do. The world economy is slowing, a crisis is coming and we have to activate our own energy, protect our business. We need to let the money flow.

When we need money to flow, to ignite the enthusiasm for trade, for negotiation, we have to open the doors wide open and remove the brakes. The accelerator must be pressed.

Today’s Spell: For prosperity to come to us in 4 ways ..

This spell can be done on a Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday. We will take 4 small fish, of any kind that we buy or fish and put them on a white plate. We will cover them with brandy, honey, a drop of olive oil and coconut water, and on each fish we will put a coin in the mouth, no matter the denomination. We will light a white or yellow candle for 15 minutes.

We will beg the deity that opens and closes the roads that prosperity reaches our lives in 4 different ways, to bring money, power and development. That it arrives from the north, from the south, from the east, from the west. May the wind of luck and prosperity touch our lives. At the end, we will leave each fish at an intersection of two streets.


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