We are living the fullness of Leo’s energies. Leo is the sign of fire, of energy, and above all of me. This is a moment that pushes us to place ourselves in the front row, to regain the leading role in our own history.
In the northern hemisphere this time is traditionally one of vacation, rest and above all pleasure, fun, outings, beaches, to allow ourselves a bit of luxury. All these activities are infused with the energies of Leo and give us the drive to harvest in the fall to obtain the fruits of our labor.
This year Leo’s energies are threatened, the Covid 19 is keeping us in our homes, vacations are being postponed, entertainment venues are closed, and the energy of enjoyment and pleasure is transmuted into fear.
You have to empower Leo to get that boost of energy.
Today’s spell
This spell is personal, no one can do it on behalf of someone else. The anchor is a mirror, since we want the energy to be reflected on us. On a white plate we will place a mirror, it can be hand held, taken from a compact.
We will take a red candle and put it in the north area of ​​the mirror, outside of it. We will put an orange candle in the south, a golden one in the west, and a white one in the east.
Staring at the mirror, and invoking the help of the Angel Verchiel, we will begin to feed the ritual .. on the mirror we will put sugar, to attract joy, gold glitter , to attract luxury, three drops of lavender oil, to bring on the relaxation, and a strand of saffron to ask for the boost.
We will light the four candles and let them burn downm, always under supervision, they can be extinguished if we leave the house and re-lit when we return. The mirror is then washed and stored and the rest of the offering is left in front of a place of leisure or fun along with three coins of any denomination.
Always be careful when leaving offerings in public places, they can always be


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