We are in the harvest season, harvesting fruits, money, triumphs. To close deals, to finalize projects. We must have in our hands, the key to unlock wealth. The energies in these moments push us forward and we have to take advantage of this period before falling into the holiday season, when everything is put aside and sometimes forgotten.

Today’s Spell:
We are going to open the doors to success, to money, to prosperity. We want to enter through the big door. For this ritual we need a new copy, of the key that opens the main door of the house. Let’s take advantage of this ritual also to eliminate all the extra keys that are no longer useful, since they dissipate energy, they block creativity when it comes to finding solutions.
On a white plate we will place the key, and we will light a golden or silver candle. In another dish we will mix cinnamon oil (we can also mix olive oil and cinnamon powder) mandarin oil (or orange juice with olive oil) and oil or patchouli oil.
We will wet the right thumb in this mixture and anoint the candle well, praying to the deity that opens and closes the roads so that the door of the money opens, the projects are finalized, and the opportunity knocks on our door.
We will place the key in the dish and cover it with 3 bay leaves, some rice and our photo. The ideal is to place the plate at the entrance of the house, but not everyone can do it. Other options are to put it under the bed, on the side where we sleep or in front of a mirror
We will light the candle every day for 15 minutes for 3 days. On the third day we will take the key, wash it well with soap and water, dry it and open and close the door 3 times. Then that will be our key that we will use every day.
The rest of the content of the dish is left at the foot of a tree. The best day to do this ritual is on Thursday and although this season is optimal it can be done at any time of the year.


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