It is a strong word but necessary times. The thirst for justice is sometimes even difficult to separate from the need for revenge, to see that our suffering and pain does not go unpunished, that who works from arrogance or evil receive what he deserves.
On Tuesdays these energies are ruled by the god of war, of battle.
It gives us the tools to attack, to vanquish our enemy … and to return the damage they have done tu us, back to them.
Today’s Spell:
May the damage return to the guilty. This work has to be done outdoors.
We will make a circle of salt large enough to walk inside comfortably.
In the center of the circle we will put a mirror, no matter the size,it can be large or small. Over the mirror we will put a picture of the person who hurt us, offended us, and whom we want all the evil he did to return him.
The face of that person has to be oriented towards the mirror, face down, ie, the mirror reflects his face and who is doing the ritual only see the back of the photo.
You can only put one person per spell.
If we do not have a photo, we will write on a white paper without lines the name.
Cover the photo with black pepper and cloves of garlic, without the peel.
We will light a white candle and a black candle and pray that all the evil that that person wants, that hurt and hate, return to its source. In order to suffer exactly the same, weep the same, and to satisfy our thirst for justice.
We will leave the candles burning for at least half an hour and then we will throw the mirror and the photo into a trash bin in the street, without breaking it.


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