One of my favorite tools is ivy. It is the plant for love, the herb of desire, especially of the desires of love, hopes, romance. It is well know for making your love wishes come true.  In addition ivy is found everywhere, it is the plant of Mercury, the god of communication and how he covers the planet.
Today the world vibrates with unfulfilled wishes, from postponed or canceled weddings, to broken promises, separated couples, love is also quarantined, isolated, or perhaps confined with the wrong person.
Let’s use ivy to communicate and reaffirm our desires. This is a personal spell, we should only do it for ourselves.
We will take some ivy leaves and put them in a bucket with warm water. We will add a splash of honey, a little sugar and a handful of any cereal.

We will put the bucket in front of a mirror, we will light a white, red or pink candle and praying that the universe will listen to our wishes, with that water we will wash our faces and hands three times.
When the candle is consumed pour the water outside under the moonlight, that same night.


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