In two weeks, winter will give way to spring. It is known as the season of love but unfortunately, adventures and infidelity also arrive. The statistics speak for themselves, dating sites on the internet report a 40 percent increase in searches.
It is a combination of more heat, less clothing, more exposed skin, people go out after a long winter and hormones are revolutionized. The serotonin and noradrenaline increase, the sexual appetite increases and we feel flirtatious, brave, seductive.
In the spring my friends, not only the bees go from flower to flower and not only the flowers grow but also infidelities … and here there is total equality in the sexes, this phenomenon affects men and women equally.
What to do?
Today’s Spell:
On a white plate we will put a yellow or gold cloth, and on it an ear of corn. To the ear we will stick a pin with the name of the person that we want to be faithful. Then we will cover the corn with fresh parsley and yellow flower petals.
We will light a white or yellow candle and pray to the goddess of love so that the energies of infidelity this spring will not touch this person.
We will watch the spell for 5 days, lighting the candle 15 minutes a day. On the fifth day we will make a package with the cloth, wrapping the cob, basil and flowers with a yellow date, tying it with 5 knots. and with the package we will clean the whole body including our intimate parts. Once the offering has our essence we will keep it in the drawer of our intimate clothes until June 21, when we will leave it at the foot of a tree.


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