The calendar is relentless and spring is just around the corner. With her come the flowers, the Easter rabbits and the infidels.
Statistically speaking (someone took the trouble to measure this), infidelity cases increase with the arrival of spring. The causes? More heat, less clothes, more beautiful boys and girls in sight, more desire to leave the house.
And the spring of 2021 brings more vaccines, more freedom. It’s going to be like opening the gates of the Kentucky Derby of infidelity and watching them gallop away.
Today’s Spell:
We are going to keep our butterflies flying close to home and with their eyes only on us, with short and sweetened wings.
On a plate we will place a photo of us and our partner, of the person we want to be faithful to us and not succumb to the temptation to look around.
We will light a pink or white candle, and praying to the Angel Lezabel, the angel of fidelity and good memories, we will imprison the photo between two magnets, decreeing that this person that I love will only have eyes for me and will be faithful to me.
We will cover the magnet with sugar sprinkles of various colors, to sweeten and for the relationship to never loses its spark, and anise seeds to crystallize the intention.
We will watch the ritual for 3 days, lighting the candle 15 minutes a day. On the third day, the anise and sprinkles are thrown on the ground or grass and the photo and magnets are kept in an intimate place where no one will see them.

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