I don’t want to be alone. I hear this phrase every day. Every day.

And this season I hear it several times a day. The holidays are approaching, in a few months we are joined by everything .. Halloween, which comes full of parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year.

Parties, business dinners, meetings, kisses under the mistletoe, exchange of gifts, toast. Loneliness weighs during the year but when the invitation has a +1 the lack of a partner is magnified.

A famous Hollywood divorce lawyer once said no actor broke up before the awards season, since nobody wanted to face the red carpets alone.

If the Olympians of the celluloid hate to go to a party alone, what is left for the rest of the mortals?

Now is the time to act.

If we are single, it is time to increase our aura of attraction to create an aura of magnetism around us, to attract that love we are waiting for and desiring. .

And for those that are married or in a relationship, if our relationship falters, has cracks, there are tensions or we suspect that there is another person, this is the time to act, now, not wait for the crisis to explode the day we are buying the turkey, or find a receipt for a gift that we will not see wrapped under the tree.

Today’s Spell:

Cinnamon is closely linked to this season, and it is not by chance. There is no love ritual without cinnamon. It is an aphrodisiac that brings at the same time that touch of softness, sweetness, and above all of peace and calm since the cinnamon plant houses souls whose mission is to help the human being to achieve happiness.

Our vibration rises just by smelling it.

Spell with cinnamon:

If we have a turbulent relationship, with ups and downs, that love-hate relationship, of peaks and valleys that generate such anguish, we must wrap 3 cinnamon sticks in a photo of the couple and place it under the mattress. If you do not live in the same house, you should put it in front of a mirror.

If we feel that some rival is trying to interfere in our relationship, we must put 3 cinnamon sticks on all the doors of the house outside, to remove that threat.

And if we want to increase our personal attraction, we must carry a bag with 3 cinnamon sticks tied with a red ribbon.

Let’s look for the freshest and most aromatic cinnamon, and at times when we want to be noticed we squeeze it. .

And the best advice is always to seek help in time, not to allow the relationship to break apart, not to let loneliness overwhelm us.

A reading is the best tool. During the consultation we get the answers to save the marriages, move the rivals away, break the difficulties.
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