Tomorrow we will witness the first full moon of autumn, known as the Harvest Moon… It comes bathed in colors of gold and red, oranges … We will see the largest, brightest moon, dominate the sky. It is the moon to save your wealth and create economic well-being, to multiply our capital.
Spell for the Harvest Moon:
We will take a pot with dirt. On a plate we will place beans, rice, parsley, gold or silver powder, some saffron beans and three coins. We will light a white, yellow or orange candle and pray that our money will multiply, grow into a fortune that will attract greater fortune.
We will take the pot and in the earth we will put all the contents of the plate, including the coins and we will water the earth with the juice of an orange. The pot will be placed in the light of the moon all night and from Tuesday we will place the pot where we want, inside or outside the house but always on our property


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