Halloween, more than just trick or treat, is coming and you have to prepare. And I don’t mean to buy candy and choose the perfect costume, but prepare our aura and our house for the day when the dividing veil between the earthly plane and the astral one almost disappears.
The ancient civilizations understood very well the cycle of souls and the intense attraction that the world of the living presents to certain spirits either because they are still in transition or because they had failed to cut ties with the earthly plane. They knew that at any given time in the year, the strength of so many souls projecting that desire to communicate overcomes the barrier between life and death, and the night of the witches is actually the moment when the hereafter is most present, In the more here.
In ancient times food was placed outside the houses to honor and satisfy the spirits. The houses remained illuminated throughout the night, since darkness attracts negative entities. This prevented souls with negative energy from being tempted to stay in homes, what we know today as enchantments.
And finally, people wore masks that symbolized their ancestors, to confuse the spirits making them believe that they themselves were ghosts and thus prevent them from stealing their energy, what we know today as energy attacks.
Eventually the party was Christianized and commercialized, but we who work the energy know that its essence endures, and that this day we must be very alert since opportunistic spirits exist.
On Halloween night we must have all the lights on until after midnight, dark homes that day become authentic lighthouses that ironically light the way to dark souls looking for an earthly hiding place.
Let’s put lights inside and outside the house.
We want to welcome you but say “pass by.” The noise, the rattles, helps break any negative energy that approaches the house that night. Let’s give candy to all the children in the neighborhood. In that way we are honoring the spirits and showing them respect.

And finally, let’s put a pumpkin at the entrance of the house, with a candle inside, to ward off the evil spirits that would come to tempt us.


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