Hallelujah!. It felt like it lasted forever! Each time the effects of Mercury retrograde are felt, they are feeling stronger, more acute, perhaps because the rotation of the earth is accelerating, but each time during the retrogression process of Mercury there is more confusion, there is more lack of communication, computers and electronic devices seem to go on strike and people experience a kind of mental fog that confuses us and clouds our common sense.
So let’s make the most of the period until the next retrograde, which will occur between May 29 and June 22. Let’s take advantage of this moment: let’s close contracts, buy electrical appliances, and let’s try to correct all the misunderstandings that we have been dragging from last month.
Above all, let’s take advantage of the momentum, because at the end of May we are going to have to take a semi-vacation.
Today’s Spell:
This is a very old spell, but its ability to open paths has endured through the centuries. It is a personal and non-transferable spell, everyone does it for himself.
On a white plate we are going to put a piece of paper with our name written by hand. We can also put a stone that represents us, one that we find on the ground.
On the paper or stone we will pour fresh water and 21 pieces of banana peel of any kind, which will symbolize the 21 ways in which we want to open the roads. We will add 3 pieces of parsley, and three peppercorns. Pepper is the spark, the trigger that activates the ritual.
We will light a white candle and visualizing an economically active, flourishing and prosperous period we will wash our hands and face with water three times in a row.
After the third time we will extinguish the candle and throw the contents of the plate on the ground. The stone will go with the water.

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