We can wish it to our partner’s lover… to our rival at work… to that toxic relative. Go away and never return. Go away and take your hatred with you , your negativity. Leave alone and stay alone, walk away. Today’s spell is very old, but remains as strong as the day the first shaman performed it .
On a white plate we will create a layer of weeds , pulled by us, with our own hands. Right over the weeds we will place the picture of the person we want to leave and not return and a piece of paper with his/hers name and last name written in pencil.
Over the photo we will add red pepper, black pepper, three lemon slices and 3 coins of any denomination. And over all that we will place a second layer of weeds to seal the ritual and make sure there is no going back.
We will light a red candle and pray to Saint Michael the Archangel, to remove this person from our path. After 10 minutes we will extinguish the candle and we will throw the contents of the plate either on the train tracks or in a street with a lot of traffic, where the cars will run over it.
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